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Azuli Presents: Space Ibiza 07 - interview David Piccioni

Label: Azuli
Rel: July 2007

We’ve been having lovely weather here in the UK. Global warming is kicking in
(…and who said it would be a bad thing?) The first official ‘shorts-wearing day’ of the year has come un-seasonally early and we can only speculate how REALLY HOT it’s going to be this year and with that in mind, you’re a clubber, you’re obviously planning your first escapade of the year to Ibiza and with only one true destination on your mind take note – this is your essential listening.

Space, Ibiza is the best club in the world known for it’s legendary opening and closing parties which mark the beginning and end of the summer season, if you are brave enough to attempt spending a summer on the island attending Space’s opening and closing parties mark the completion of your tour of duty. Over the years it has played host to some of the biggest and best parties and DJs in the world, put simply Space REALLY is THE place.

Azuli present Space Ibiza 07 is your essential guide to the summer season ahead and featuring all the upfront club anthems you’ll be hearing over the summer and it all ties in rather nicely with the opening of Space taking place on Sunday 3rd June. All those familiar will know what to expect, if you’re not then this is one of the most decadent experiences available in club land. Not only does Azuli present Space Ibiza 07 include a mixed CD by Space resident David Piccioni but Azuli have catered for all the budding DJs out there by including an un-mixed CD featuring all the upfront club bangers on one CD.. how’s that for value!

Take the best DJs, the best sound, the best lighting, the best party people and converge them together in the best club in the world and you are guaranteed one
kick-arse event. Featuring six different arenas including the spectacular outdoor arena only constructed for the opening and closing parties the legendary Space opening party officially marks the start of the summer season in Ibiza, it is the very first party of the season and is a not-to-be-missed event that lasts for 22 hours, well and truly kick-starting the party season on the island.

This year’s line up features Carl Cox, John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Smokin Jo and Tom Novy alongside a selection of the clubs best residents and island favourites and begins at 8am Sunday, finishes 6am Monday.
You have been warned, this event is not for the faint hearted!

With a brimming tracklisting including anthems from Audion’s ‘Mouth To Mouth’, Dirty South’s remix of Kaskade’s ‘Sorry’ to Axwell, Angello, Ingrosso & Laidback Luke’s ‘Get Dumb’ Azuli present Space Ibiza 07 is your start-of-summer-guide to this years anthems in clublands.
The 2007 opening of Space tOOK place on Sunday 3rd June.

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Dave Piccioni Interview

Azuli presents: Space Ibiza 2007

- Dave Piccioni interview -

Both Azuli Records and Dave Piccioni are two names synonymous with house music.
What began as a hobby soon turned into a full time job, a DJ career, London’s leading record store and one of the leading dance labels in the world!
On the eve of the release of Dave’s latest mix album ‘Azuli Presents Space Ibiza’ we caught up with man behind the label to get an insight into the history of one of the greatest labels in house music, their plan for Ibiza 2007 and of course the new album!
First of all - Azuli presents Space Ibiza 07 – features the biggest tunes for Summer 2007.
Can you explain how you picked the tracks for the album?
I go away to a hot climate, spend all day on a beach drinking and imagine what it will be like in mid summer Ibiza, and then it all seems to fit into place! (In my dreams…) Actually it’s a combination of word of mouth and keeping a close ear to the ground. Records that break in Ibiza have usually been bubbling under or even lying dormant since March/ April and sometimes before.

What is your favourite track on the album?
Guy J - Agent Blue - I’m loving the warm electro sound at the moment

What was your first taste of the DJ lifestyle and why did you decide to make it your full time career?

I don’t think anyone can make such a decision, it just happens, a hobby turns into something better!

Azuli is one of the most prolific labels in dance music, when did you start it and did you ever think it would become such a benchmark for dance music?
I started it in 1990 and always expected it to last ‘just another year’; in fact I probably still think that now!

Do you still actively get involved in the day to day running of Black Market Records and if so, do you find it difficult juggling the shop, label and hectic world-wide DJ schedule?
I just recently sold my share of the shop to my friend and the manager Goldie. It was hard juggling it all and did get too much after 16 years but than all the DJ’ing/ shop/ label stuff is all linked so the info and knowledge you get from one helps the other.

As mentioned, Azuli label has been around for a while - how do you and the business stay successful? Any tips for the next few individuals hoping to open a record label or become a DJ?
I think with music you have to have one eye on the creative, have creative principles and put out what you know and love. On the other hand, you have to have one eye on the commercial realities of the situation and always adapt a bit or bend to what people want. It’s a tough balancing act but can be done. Advice is to do it because you love the music, and treat it as a sideline, if it grows and you can pack in your day job, great!

Do you think it is viable for new labels to start in the current market?
It’s all different now, it’s easier to set up from your home on a computer but I couldn’t imagine setting up a new dance label with offices and all that stuff

What does your mum think about your career choice?
She keeps asking me where all the records are made when my office is so small and has no machines in it. I think she’s still waiting for me to get a proper job.

You have a summer residency at Space in Ibiza this summer; tell us more about what you have planned?
A fairly diverse but cutting edge schedule of DJ’s and lots of light-hearted fun!

Do you ever get DJ fright and if so, what happens to you?
Not any more – with maturity comes the realisation that you do your best, and if some people like it that’s great, but there will always be people that don’t, and that’s fine too.

What made you decide to move to Ibiza?

It’s my spiritual home. (And I have a great motorbike there!)

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Pretty damn cheap

What is the worst DJ experience you have ever had?
In my dreams actually, I have this recurring dream that I am playing to loads of people and I cant decide what to play and the record finishes, I continue to look through my records furiously but everyone leaves. Can’t say it’s ever happened though!

Where is the most enjoyable place for you to spin?
Familiar places where you know the crowd and they know you – for me Azuli at The Cross/ Echoes in Riccione/ Alter Ego Verona and Cavo in Mykonos

What are the future plans for you and Azuli?

To make it to 20 years for Azuli (4 years left!)

Finally... anything else you would like to plug? its good to give something back – and there is no better way to do it.

Thanks Dave for your time!

Azuli Presents Space Ibiza is out now on Azuli Records – for more info visiting

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